January 31, 2011

2011 Wish List

Happy New Year!

We are looking toward a new year with open hearts and minds.

Our goal? Growth!

...and we need your help!

Our wish list for this new year:
A van - we collect lots and lots of your equipment for reuse by new "in need" customers and are always looking for more. In order to transport this equipment, safely and efficiently, we are in need of a vehicle with lots of space. If you or someone you know owns a WORKING van that is no longer in use, we would love the donation.

Equipment - your continued, generous donations help Caring Compy help others! Whether we are able to refurbish and reuse your equipment or simply sell it to a reputable eco-friendly recycling company, Caring Compy and our community benefits. The proceeds of all sales are reinvested into Caring Compy and in turn used to help those in need. Please refer to our website for donation equipment requirements.
Warehouse/office space - the bigger we are, the more people we can help. At current, Caring Compy is operating out of our board members' homes. While a wonderful problem to have, we are busting-at-the-seams with donations from our generous community and have limited space to refurbish equipment and store inventory.
Volunteers - whether your background is sales, computer science, graphic design or anything in-between, you are needed! The biggest "background" in need is selflessness - a sincere and genuine desire to help the less fortunate.

In summary, Caring Compy is able to help so many. Our limitations are in our limited staff and resources.

If you can personally help with any of the above or know someone who can, please contact us - via e-mail preferably.

Please send your e-mail to: info at caringcompy.com and be sure to include in your subject either: van, equipment, warehouse/office space, or volunteers. Please detail your assistance offering within the body of the e-mail and we'll be certain to get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in making Caring Compy great.


Caring Compy