February 21, 2012

The End

The people that know about Caring Compy have likely noticed that we have not posted any updates in over a year. Regretfully, this is because Caring Compy has ceased doing business and we will soon be officially dissolved as a corporation. We would like to take this opportunity to explain why, and to showcase what good we accomplished.

We are no longer doing business due to lack of time, funding, manpower, and direction. The original idea was noble but unsustainable. Doing everything for free and hoping for monetary donations just isn't feasible. While I'm sure many will have good ideas and suggestions on how to make it work, the truth is that the desire to continue just isn't there anymore.

It wasn't all bad, though. We really did manage to greatly help our community. We helped the Ronald McDonald house by donating public web kiosks for their tenants. They are still in use at the time this was written.

We provided a day care center for abused and battered children with 5 classroom computers loaded with educational software. The setup consisted of one central server and 5 thin clients. By utilizing the Linux Terminal Server Project, we were able to create a fast, reliable, and child resistant computer lab that was easy to maintain. We also provided Rosy Cooper who ran the day center with a computer for her home.

We provided a couple in Lake Mary with a desktop. They have no transportation aside from the bus system and one of them is barely able to leave the house due to her disabilities. The computer enabled her to interact with the outside world in a way she had not thought possible.

For a disabled woman in Kissimmee, we replaced her laptop's OS (Windows Vista) with Ubuntu Linux and taught her how to use it. She was thrilled with how much easier and more reliable it was. It is still in at the time this was written.

To everyone who donated their time and hardware to our cause, you have our gratitude. While our existence was brief, the good we accomplished would not have been possible without you. We're sorry it couldn't last.

Thank you,

Chris Jones
Caring Compy Co-founder