March 25, 2010

Ronald McDonald House

Caring Compy received a letter and custom greeting card from Ronald McDonald House. Thank you!

March 23, 2010

Dear Friends at Caring Compy,

Thank you so much for your generous donation of custom rebuilt and programmed computers as well as technical support for these wonderful machines! On March 6, 2010, we received your donation of 2 rebuilt computers as well as the programming support for updating a total of 4 kiosk computers.

As you know, the Ronald McDonald Houses in Orlando continue to serve families of seriously ill children by providing them a 'home-away-from-home.' Our goal is to provide these families in crisis with the simple things that make up a home: comfort and care. This would not be possible without assistance from organizations such as Caring Compy. Your service not only helps to provide our families with convenient computer access, it also helps our staff to have virtually maintenance-free kiosks that serve a variety of needs!

On behalf of all of us at Ronald McDonald House, thank you for helping us in our mission to serve families and children in their time of need.

Josh Hendrix
House Manager

Web Anniversary

Today marks exactly one year since has been online. We were going to bake a cake in the shape of the internet but we couldn't find the right pan.

March 13, 2010

Caring Compy Is Accepting Donations

Caring Compy is growing. With growth comes costs. With costs comes a donation button. Please donate by click the donate button in the upper right corner of the site. Thank you for your support.

March 10, 2010

Pretty Presentations for Ronald McDonald House

A need that the Ronald McDonald House near Downtown Orlando has had for some time is the ability to display slides during their board and staff meetings. Last week Caring Compy met that need by delivering a desktop loaded with Xubuntu Linux and the latest version of

What is OpenOffice? OpenOffice "is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more." It is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint and is just as capable.

With such great OpenOffice software, the Ronald McDonald House's presentation needs are well met. Pictured below is Josh Hendrix who runs the Ronald McDonald House with their new presentation desktop. Please note that we donated the desktop, not the television.

Better Kiosks for the Ronald McDonald House

Last week, Caring Compy upgraded the public web kiosks they delivered to the Ronald McDonald House near Downtown Orlando with the open-source kiosk Webconverger. The reason we chose this software is because of its light hardware requirements and because it excels at turning a computer into an fool-proof public terminal.

Thank you to the developers of Webconverger for their excellent product.