October 25, 2009

An apple fell from the tree and landed on Caring Compy

Tara Baker, a graphic artist in Orlando FL, donated this beautiful 12 inch Powerbook G4 to Caring Compy yesterday. The first person we find in need of a laptop is getting this little beauty as it will run OS X Leopard quite nicely.

Thank you Tara for your generosity.

Donation - 12 Inch Powerbook G4


October 1, 2009

A Generous Donation

Homer Lindsey of Orlando, FL has given two fully functional computers to Caring Compy. Thank you, Homer. We will find good homes for them.

Caring Compy is for Realz!

Caring Compy is now a real company! We received our federal ID a few weeks ago and are now a legitimate corporation. Now we are in the process of filing for our 501C3. Thanks again for all the support and generosity from everyone involved. We look forward to a bright future.