September 9, 2010


Caring Compy will be suspending normal operation for the foreseeable future. We are working out how to grow in the future without getting overloaded. This will take a fair amount of planning and planning takes time. Due to this, we are no longer taking on new clients or accepting new donations. We will, of course, be providing continued support to our current clients.

Thank you everyone for the support you've given us. Please keep an eye on the blog for when we resume normal operations.

Server for Turtle's Tattooz

Caring Compy has recently helped an artist who's shop has been hit hard by the recession. Turtle, a talented tattoo and apparel artist in Kissimmee, FL, was in dire need of a way to back up the digital art he's using for his day to day work. Caring Compy built and installed a Linux based file server for this purpose.

Upgrade for Jim and Jewels

Recently, Caring Compy upgraded the computer at the home of clients Jim Shadgett and Jewels Reffner. They've been given a faster machine with the latest version of Xubuntu. Being a long term support release, they should have a smooth running machine for the next three years.