September 26, 2009

Magic Jack "Phone Server"

Caring Compy got to partake in an interesting project recently. A coworker of Caring Compy founder Chris Jones, Kurt Meister of Orlando, received some assistance to save on his phone bill. There's a little device called a Magic Jack which gives him phone access for around $20 a year. We had received some old laptops a while back and we used a Pentium 2 IBM Thinkpad as a dedicated "Magic Jack Server" so he could have a true land line with uninterrupted phone service. A picture of the lappy can be seen below. More can be seen on Flickr.

September 1, 2009

Hope For All Gets A True Classroom Setup!

Thanks to the support and donations we've received, Caring Compy was able to really come through for Hope For All Learning Center in Orlando, FL. They now have an easy to manage classroom computer setup that makes great use of older hardware, and is loaded with educational software.

As described in this previous post, they have been given an LTSP server and 3 thin clients. The other two computers given to them previously will be converted to thin clients as well.

Thanks again to everyone involved for all the support. As can be seen below, the kids love it.

Classroom Computers In Use Classroom Computers In Use
Classroom Computers In Use Classroom Computers In Use

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