September 26, 2009

Magic Jack "Phone Server"

Caring Compy got to partake in an interesting project recently. A coworker of Caring Compy founder Chris Jones, Kurt Meister of Orlando, received some assistance to save on his phone bill. There's a little device called a Magic Jack which gives him phone access for around $20 a year. We had received some old laptops a while back and we used a Pentium 2 IBM Thinkpad as a dedicated "Magic Jack Server" so he could have a true land line with uninterrupted phone service. A picture of the lappy can be seen below. More can be seen on Flickr.

1 comment:

  1. That's totally awesome guys! I've been thinking of picking up a cheap laptop, or maybe even a desktop computer to use as a permanent magic jack line. I get so tired of the popups on my regular PC, it's so tough to work!