April 21, 2009

Hope For All Learning Center

Caring Compy just met with the head of Hope For All Learning Center in Orlando. They're a center for abused and battered children ranging from ages 3-12. Currently they have 5 computers for their children, only one of which is working. It's a typical case of aged machines running various versions of Windows, all of which have been subjected to the use that only a child can give.

We will be supplying them with three computers running Edubuntu Linux as well as installing Edubuntu on their other machines as well. This will give all of their computers a modern, child friendly, operating system that will be free of viruses and malware. This also will let them use the computers rather than fight with computer problems as compared to their Microsoft counterparts they are virtually maintenance free.

Please follow us on Twitter for further developments with this client as we're greatly looking forward to working more with them in the near future.

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